Operator Licence Compliance

Companies that operate vehicles over 3.5t MAM are required by law to have an Operator's Licence (O Licence), depending on your operation you may need a formally qualified Transport Manager.

The primary role of a Transport Manager is to ensure that vehicles and drivers are operating legally and within the undertakings specified on your Operators License and the rules and regulations set out by The Department of Transport which is regulated by the Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA (Driver Vehicle and Services Agency). However, many smaller companies do not understand the role of a Transport Manager and their responsibilities and are unable to justify the cost of a full-time Transport Manager, thus putting the company business model at risk if it is found to be non-compliant.

Traditionally Transport Managers are responsible for day to day transport operations, such as routing and scheduling and are a first line contact for customers. However, in today's litigious society, transport managers' time is taken up with Fleet Management activities, such as managing driver fitness, vehicle maintenance and responding to Non-conformances. Therefore, the role of an external transport manager is to provide expert advice and guidance through regular visits to ensure that all the companies compliance risks are being looked after without the costs of a full-time employee.

As a result, Smarter Transport Solutions, we can help to ensure that your business is compliant and operating legally no matter if you are operating one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. Our specialism is for Restricted licence holders, but we can also help with Standard National and Standard International Licence holders.

Here's a selection of diverse business sectors that we already help

  • National and International haulage companies
  • Aggregate Haulage companies
  • Scaffolders
  • Livestock and Horse Transporters
  • Charities

The Types of services we offer are:

  • Licences applications and variations.
  • Public Inquiries and Compliance Audits

We manage all the required paperwork, administration and liaison with the Central Licencing Office and Traffic Commissioner if required.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling
  • Vehicle Defect Reporting

We have the systems and processes in order for you to remain compliant.

  • Compliance with all the driver's hours rules and Tachograph regulations.

We can provide training and comprehensive guides to ensure you know the rule and monitor this on a weekly or monthly basis. That includes:

  • Tachograph Bureau for the downloading and interpretation of the data.
  • Training and a management system to ensure you are operating legally.
  • Processes to ensure compliance with the requirements of the working time directive.

Driving Licence and fitness to Drive Checks.

Processes and procedures to ensure these checks are carried out at least every 6 months.

  • Driving Licence check process
  • Drivers eyesight check process
  • Drivers Declaration of Health.