Operations Management

You can't manage what you don't measure

How do you monitor how the business is doing? What are your key numbers to ensure that you are doing the best you can?

  • On time delivery performance
  • Driver performance and individual Vehicle MPG
  • Non-fixed price maintenance costs-Accident Damage

The Smarter Transport Solutions Ten-point route to operational efficiency is an action plan that provides a framework for small to medium sized Transport companies to improve their operational efficiency. It provides a route through short term interventions and quick wins to the achievement of long term goals to ensure business sustainability and profitability.

Below is a list of some of the KPIs you should be looking at Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annualy, that implementing the Ten Point Plan would enable you to measure.

1CostFixed cost per day per unit + trailer
2CostDriver cost per shift
3CostCost per hour on 10 hour day
4CostBudget Cost per Mile
5CostBudget cost per KM
6CostRevenue per KM
7CostNon-Fixed price maintenance cost per 10000KM
8CostFuel Cost per KM
9ReliabilityLost days per year per unit
10ReliabilityDefects per 10000KM
11ReliabilityDefect to rectification time
12ReliabilityIncidents per 10000KM
13DependabilitySuccessful attempts per day
14DependabilityAttempts per day (Chargeable)
15Dependability Daily Failures (Non-chargeable)
16DependabilityAttempts per delivery
17SpeedDeliveries per hour
18SpeedDuration per delivery
19SpeedAverage Hours per route
20SpeedOrder to Invoice (Next day)
21SpeedPlan to delivery (Next Day)
22SpeedOrder dwell time
23QualityComplaints/defects per order
24QualityDamages/Losses per order
25QualityConceded revenue per order
26QualityTacho Infringements per 10000KM